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Your website should attract visitors and leave a good visual impression. A lot of attention should be paid to choosing the theme, font, colors, logo, and everything else that will be on your page. Whether it’s a website or some other type of user interface, one thing is for sure – DESIGN SELLS.

When designing a project, I pay attention to the smallest details to make browsing your pages much more enjoyable than browsing the pages of your competitors. Beautiful design alone is not enough, so I invest a lot of time in the creative process to study your visitors, the needs, and the goals that you want to achieve by creating a project.


I create websites using the latest technology. I also pay special attention to the fact that the website is modern in appearance, professional, and customizable. Websites are the foundation of any successful business. With this in mind, when creating HTML pages, I carefully determine the goals of the page and think about directing visitors to find the important information they came for.

As visitors browse pages across different devices and screen resolutions, I also create responsive websites. This means that the pages I create display correctly on a variety of devices – such as tablets and mobile phones.


Graphic design means a type of design that deals with the creation of printed solutions and includes a combination of typography, photography, illustration, and printing. Graphic design is the right tool to fight for your place. Whether you need catalogs, brochures, flyers, posters, or advertisements I am here to offer you my creativity and expertise to help you skip over your competition and leave it far behind.


Optimized texts are the skeleton of any website and therefore need to be well written. This means that they should be simple so that everyone can understand them. Well-arranged keywords paired up with informative text will get the customer on your website. Also, the texts should offer the ultimate value to your potential customer. I’m writing: web texts, digital advertising, social networking texts, in-house education, blogging.


Social networks have long been an unavoidable channel of communication with the market. They are ideal for creating a relationship of trust and loyalty with existing customers and for attracting new ones. If you need someone to run one of the following social networks – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or maybe more, contact me with confidence. I am familiar with every form of marketing on a particular network.


Google Advertising positions your business at the TOP of Google search results. Join the most perfect product and service promotion system in the world so far and significantly increase your income! When you enter a query for the desired product or service, you will get tens of thousands of results. If your ad is at the top of the search it can attract the attention of consumers for your products and services that you provide.… Let me create a perfect ad for you!


I am always looking for exciting new destinations to visit and places to see – while sharing it all on my blog and social media with my followers!

If you are approached by someone who claims to be me or working for me, please do not communicate with them because you might be taken advantage of. If something like this happens, please let me know.

If you’re a lifestlye or a fashion brand

If you are a brand that wants to gift me items or products for a review, please know that I am grateful for your consideration, but I might not be able to review them unless they fit in with what I am currently doing.

If you’re a hotel or a travel brand

Make sure you get in touch with your proposition in time, as I book my trips months in advance.